36 Best Food Gifts for Healthy Eaters

Looking for gifts for your healthy eaters? These cooking gifts are the perfect unique gifts for health food lovers!

top down view of gift wrapped in white paper with a pine cone on top

It’s here. We’re on the cusp of the most wonderful time of year! I love to see holiday cheer everywhere I go–and a line-up of Hallmark movies to watch.

Every year, this time of year, my husband asks me, “does anyone love the holidays as much as you?”

Well, I sure hope so! I’ve been shopping for months and months because I start looking for presents while traveling and then continue through–usually online–to avoid being avoid adding myself to a line-up of last-minute shoppers.

I also love hand-making gifts, and I even make my own printable food art that you can download and frame for your loved one. So you could say I have lots of gift ideas, and most of them will help inspire the recipients to be healthy.

Now, maybe you need some help coming up with gift idea for the foodies in your life?

Well, the solution is simple. Add these gifts for healthy eaters to your holiday gift list. This list will make your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping all that much easier!

In my gift guide, I’ve got you covered from stocking stuffers to splurges! You’ll even find last-minute ideas for foodies, as well as gifts for healthy eaters when you’re on a budget.

Stocking stuffers

close up of a sterling silver nut cracker

1. Pretty nut cracker

This stainless steel, heart-shaped piece is as functional as it is beautiful. It’s a walnut splitter that’ll help the mom in your life achieve healthy snack time. 

lemon zester

2. Lemon zester

I love adding lemon or orange zest to recipes, and this grater makes doing so easy! It also works well with hard cheeses like Parmesan.

reusable muffin cups

3. Reusable muffin cups

Mini is the perfect size for smaller portions of muffins, cupcakes, and even egg cups.

A great stocking stuffer for any cook or baker, these mini FDA-approved silicone cups are reusable, resulting in less paper cup liner wastage. They’re safe for both the oven and the freezer.

cookie spatula

4. Cookie spatula

This small silicone spatula is designed specifically to flip cookies. I also find that it’s perfect for making omelets, which makes it one of the perfect gifts for healthy eaters.

heart-shaped egg ring

5. Heart-shaped egg ring

What’s lovelier than a heart-shaped breakfast? Use this heat-resistant egg ring to whip up eggs or berry pancakes for the lover in your life. Then make the egg ring part of the present!

hand held spiralizer

6. Hand-held spiralizer

Spiralizing is still all the rage, and this sweet handheld spiralizer allows you to cook up veggie-based versions of your favorite noodle dishes, like Pad Thai and “spaghetti” Bolognese. 

cake tester

7. Cake tester

This simple tool allows you to test baked goods for doneness. It’s thinner than a toothpick so won’t leave a mark.

herb scissors with lime green handle

8. Herb scissors

Fresh herbs like parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (hey, there’s a song about that!) add so much flavor to dishes for very little calories.

The caveat: They’re kind of a pain to chop. So use these herb scissors to quickly cut them into bite-size pieces. If you have extra, freeze them in an ice-cube tray with water for later. Hello, perfect gift for healthy eaters!

silicone egg poacher

9. Silicone egg poacher

Poached eggs can be daunting to make (remember that scene in Julie & Julia?), but these egg poachers help make the process a breeze.

Gifts that you can eat

A jar of blueberry jam

10. Berry jam

I always look for jams with fruit–in this case, wild Maine blueberries–as the first ingredient, not sugar. This jam tastes fab on scones or as a topper to brie

herb growing kit

11. Herb growing kit

I don’t have a green thumb at all. But this herb in a can requires almost no work and yields mint and more for the picking.

a set of gourmet mustards in jars

12. Gourmet mustard set

I’m a sucker for low-cal condiments that pack a ton of flavor––and they’re one of the top gifts for healthy eaters.

This set includes all the dijon you could ever ask for: Original Dijon, Honey Dijon, Old Style Whole Grain Dijon, and Rich Country Dijon.

truffle salt in a jar

13. Truffle salt

I’m kinda obsessed with truffles, and I’m a fan of adding a small amount of this flavor-packed truffle salt to omelets, grilled vegetables, roasted chickpeas, and more.

nutmeg grinder

14. Nutmeg grinder

This spice mill is a find because it allows you to easily grind fresh nutmeg, adding a powerful flavor punch to baked goods, oatmeal, and more.

cacao wafers

15. No-added sugar dark chocolate

Here’s a chocolate that’s void of any added sugar. Yup, that’s right. The recipient will get 100 percent cacao wafers perfect for a little treat here or there.

fresh fruit basket

16. Fresh fruit basket

Fresh fruit is really delicious, and it’s probably the No. 1 gift for healthy eaters.

And these hand-picked pears and apples are super good for you! Give ‘em to the special someone in your life—and she can bite into them fresh, or slice them up for a deliciously easy grilled or roasted dessert.

raspberry peach tea in a fancy tin

17. Fancy tea

Make tea time complete with this raspberry peach tea.

fruit-infused vinegar

18. Fruit-infused vinegar

Vinegars add great flavor to salad dressing, and ones infused with fruits like fig and cherry boost it even more. You can also drizzle them on top of fresh fruit. They really are one of the top gifts for healthy eaters!

Pretty kitchen gifts

black serving tray with cookies on top

19. Classy serving tray

I enjoy hosting almost as much as I do cooking and baking, so I was excited to find this stoneware serving platter. It’s oven safe, perfect for easily reheating gourmet pizza slices and other appetizers.

knife block

20. Knife block

I have a lot of knives that didn’t come in a set. It would be difficult to store them if not for this sleek slotless knife block, with flexible plastic rods that settle around the knives to secure them in place.

a woman standing on top of an anti-fatigue mat

21. Anti-fatigue kitchen mat

I love this cushy mat because it reduces the stress and discomfort that can come from hours of standing in the kitchen. It’s a good pick if you’re going in with your siblings for a larger gift.

dark blue tablet stand

22. Tablet stand

When I cook and bake, I’ll often load a recipe onto my tablet and tweak it to make it healthier. I may sub in applesauce, pumpkin puree, or blended cottage cheese for some of the oil or butter.

That’s why this holder is a find: The angled stand is ideal for reading recipes, and the water-resistant shell protects devices from minor ingredient splashes.

cutting board

23. Knife-protecting cutting board

Softer than most cutting boards, this one is made of pretty Japanese cypress, yielding a product that gives as you cut so slow down how fast your knives dull. The size offers an excellent canvas for slicing and dicing.

floral tea towels

24. Floral tea towels

Make tea time even more precious with floral tea towels. This gift is great on its own—or amp it up with a box of your recipient’s favorite tea.

capuccino maker

Functional gifts

25. Cappuccino maker

I love cappuccinos and lattes and am happy to whip them up at home! I can do this, thanks to a gourmet coffee maker.

Although this gift is a definite splurge, it allows the recipient to be her own barista and customize a drink with regular milk, pistachio milk, and more.

olive oil pourer

26. Olive oil pourer

This mister is space efficient and allows you to easily customize a light salad dressing. Plus, you can use the all-oil setting for misting pots and pans. 

hand mixer

27. Stylish hand mixer

For someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I’ve waited awhile to get my own hand mixer. That’s why I’m glad this beauty exists.

Nutribullet blender

28. High-speed blender

I’ve been obsessed with smoothies lately: They’re the perfect solution for busy mornings, and I even freeze and eat them as dessert sometimes.

This compact blender comes with to-go cups and blends ingredients into an ultra-smooth meal, which makes it the perfect gift for healthy eaters. 

silicone baking mat topped with chopped vegetables

29. Silicone baking mat

This non-stick mat makes it easy to roast veggies like eggplant slices without burning the bottoms. You’ll save calories since you won’t need any oil with this mat. You can also use it to cook meat and to bake cookies.

5-blade spiralizer

30. 5-blade spiralizer

I love spaghetti squash, but it’s harder to find during certain seasons. That’s why this vegetable spiralizer is a great tool: You can turn zucchini, carrots, and more into low-cal “noodles.”

Then top with a pesto, marinara, or cottage cheese Italian herb sauce. This spiralizer comes with five blades, allowing you to choose from flat ribbons, angel hair, and many other cuts.

nonstick wok

31. Nonstick wok

I waited years to get a wok. It’s now one of my favorite kitchen tools: It cooks my tofu and veggies at a constant, even heat, without requiring any oil. Instead, I use vegetable broth as the base. 

bread maker

32. High-tech bread maker

This bread maker couldn’t be easier to use. You just place the ingredients in the machine, choose the level of browning, and two to three hours later you have fresh bread!

Bonus: The machine has settings for dietary needs, including gluten-free bread. 

microwave popcorn maker

33. Microwave popcorn maker

Hello, movie night! When you pop your own kernels, like in this convenient device, you get to add your own low-calorie flavors like Italian seasoning to jazz it up, plus making your own is less expensive than buying store-bought.

a plastic pitcher

34. Quick-stir pitcher

Good-bye, fruit punch. Hello, health-friendly fruit-infused water! This is the perfect gift for healthy eaters.

Just add citrus wedges and berries to this pitcher, give it a quick mix with the plunger—and you have a seemingly fancy beverage to serve up at a holiday brunch!

vacuum sealer

35. Vacuum sealer

Food waste is unfortunate. But moisture-rich eats like steak and grapes may last a lot longer (up to five times, as reported by Foodsaver) when vacuum sealed. Consider going in together with your siblings or Dad on this one, since it’s on the pricier side.

a large wooden box decorated with festive pinecones and ribbon

36. Spice gift set

Here’s a seven-pack spice kit made by registered dietitian Michelle Dudash, RD. The spice kits will allow you to get a healthy dinner on the table in just 20 minutes!

More gifts for healthy eaters

Need more ideas for gifts for healthy eaters? Here are some more ideas to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Looking for gifts for your healthy eaters? These cooking gifts are the perfect unique gifts for health food lovers!

I’d love to hear from you! Which of these gifts for healthy eaters will you add to this year’s holiday shopping list?

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