14 Healthy Snacks to Keep in the Car

Looking for healthy snacks to keep in the car? These healthy picks are the best snacks to keep in the car for commuters and road trippers!

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Do you snack in the car? I mean, who doesn’t? These car-friendly snacks will help make your commute that much easier. They’re also great for a healthy road trip. Go ahead and grab a few of these road snacks for your next long ride.

Whether you’re running errands or driving to catch a flight, there’s no reason to choose a less-than-nutritious, last-minute snack. I hope you put these recommendations for fueling up while you’re away from home to good use!

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When I was younger, my friends played a “what’s in Amy’s purse?” game. They’d laugh because there might be a spoon in there, and there would always be at least one or two snack choices.

And a bottle of water and…you get the picture. I never like to be in a situation in which I’m forced to eat something that’s less than nutritious, so I always have my just-in-case purse snacks on hand.

Wondering what healthy snacks to keep in the car? Try these snacks that are perfect for the daily commuter. Head to the grocery store to load up your cart now!

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Car snacks to pack and go

Away from home and feeling hangry but want weight-loss-friendly packaged snacks that are also easy to transport? 

Even if you’re bringing a cooler, I’d suggest foods like dried fruit that won’t melt. I mean, dark chocolate chips are delicious but they don’t make a great car snack. Instead, opt for foods like protein-packed healthy fats such as nut butter.

Here’s a list of some of my fave healthy snacks to keep in the car Many of these are single serving, which is super helpful for long car rides.

1. Prunes

Seriously, I take individually wrapped Sunsweet Ones Prunes with me everywhere! They’re great to stash in the car, and you can eat anywhere from one to several.

2. Pistachios

These nuts boast satiating protein, fiber, and healthy fats. This means they keep you fuller for longer, making them one of the top healthy snacks to keep in the car. I like Wonderful Pistachios 100-Calorie Packs.

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3. Peanut Butter

Great news: You can buy single-serve packs of peanut butter for a protein boost while in the car! I like Justin’s Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs.

4. Olives

Olives as a far snack? Heck yes! Pearls Olives to Go features a handful of olives––and a dose of heart-healthy, filling fat.

5. Chickpeas

I love to snack on Biena Chickpea 1.2-ounce bags, because the chickpeas are full of filling protein and fiber!

close up of plant based trail mix

6. Trail mix

Pick up individual packs of trail mix to keep in the car. I’d suggest not choosing a mix with chocolate, as melted chocolate is definitely not one of the best snacks to keep in the car!

7. Sunflower seeds

Pick up a pack of sunflower seeds to keep in the car. It’ll fill you up with the protein, fiber, and healthy fats it contains.

8. Mini protein bars

Sometimes, you’re not hungry enough for a full-size protein bars. That’s why I love KIND Minis.

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9. Fruit

If you’re roadtripping, stash a bunch of fruit in the car that travel well, such as apples, oranges, and bananas.

10. Hardboiled eggs

If you’re traveling with a cooler, hardboiled eggs are one of the top healthy snacks to keep in the car. They are full of protein!

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11. Sliced veggies

Toss some baggies of carrot sticks in the cooler! They pair super well with peanut butter. I’m also really loving sliced radishes and cucumbers right now, but you can pair any combo of veggies with guacamole for a veggie-filled snack.

12. Greek yogurt

When you’re traveling with a cooler, add in single servings of Greek yogurt. You can pair a yogurt with a piece of fruit.

13. Mango with chili powder

I first tried this combo from a street food vendor in New York City. It is so delicious. You can pack this in a baggie and stash it in a cooler.

14. Roasted vegetables

Think roasted veggies are just for meals? They make a great snack, too.

Disclosure: While Sunsweet, KIND, and Wonderful Pistachios are clients, this post is not sponsored.

Looking for healthy snacks to keep in the car? These healthy picks are the best snacks to keep in the car for commuters and road trippers!

What are your favorite snacks to eat in the car and your top healthy commuter-friendly snacks? What would you add to this list of best snacks to keep in the car?

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