30 Quick and Easy Tofu Recipes You’ll Love

Whether you’re new to plant-based eating or have been following a vegetarian diet for years, you’ll love these 30 easy tofu recipes.

close up of cubes of uncooked tofu on a wooden board

It’s time to welcome tofu into your kitchen and say goodbye to the notion that tofu is too complicated or boring. These quick and easy tofu recipes will have you making them on repeat!

Tofu absorbs other flavors wonderfully, making it versatile for all sorts of recipes from sweet to savory.

Tofu can be used as a substitute for meats like chicken or incorporated in recipes for extra protein and heartiness. Since tofu doesn’t require cooking, it’s great for quick and simple recipes.

Tofu is a good source of plant-based protein and calcium, nutrients that sometimes require extra attention on a plant-based diet. This—plus its versatility—makes tofu a perfect go-to for vegans, vegetarians, or even folks looking to eat more plants.

These quick and easy recipes use tofu in delicious ways, from entrees and sauces to drinks and desserts. All of these recipes are vegan, with many gluten-free options. You’re sure to find a few new favorites that are ready to eat in no time!

A majority of these recipes can be prepared in 35 minutes or less, and you don’t have to worry about carving out any extra prep time for most of these.


1. Silken Tofu Smoothie from Wholefood Soulfood Kitchen
Looking for a way to add protein and creaminess to a smoothie? Silken tofu is the way to go! Take your pick between three yummy smoothies: berry, green, or peach chocolate.
Six minutes is all it takes until you’re sipping one of these silky smoothies.
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2. Crispy Tofu Bacon from Kitchen Treaty
In this recipe, tofu takes on the smoky and salty reminisce of bacon with a hint of sweet maple flavor. Slicing the tofu thin, marinating it with smoky flavor, and baking it until crispy makes this recipe ready for a variety of meals.
It comes together with just five ingredients and 10 minutes!
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3. Tofu Breakfast Burritos from Delightful Adventures
If you’re looking for a savory and satisfying breakfast, try this tofu breakfast burrito. Roasted potatoes and tofu scramble make a hearty base that’s ready for you to add your favorite veggies to and wrap up in a tortilla.
It's great for meal prep: Just freeze it and heat it when you’re ready to eat.
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4. Tofu Wraps from Our Happy Mess
Make a nutritious and tasty wrap featuring crispy tofu that only takes 20 minutes to prepare.
Avocado provides healthy fats and creaminess, while fresh veggies bring a light crunch. And a tortilla wraps it all up with satisfying carbohydrates.
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5. Southwest Tofu Scramble from Minimalist Baker
Even if you’re not vegan, you may want to swap out your regular egg breakfast now and then. Luckily, this tofu scramble is a delicious substitute that can be made in 30 minutes. T
ry it wrapped in a tortilla with salsa and plant-based cheese for an easy prep-ahead, heat-and-eat breakfast.
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tofu scramble


6. Fried Tofu Sandwich from Plant Based with Amy
This fried tofu sandwich, also known as bahn mi, is tangy, savory, and fresh. It’s delicious served warm or cold, so you can pack it up and take it with you.
This version fits right in with our easy tofu recipes by using firm tofu as the main protein, and it’s ready in 30 minutes.
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vegan fried tofu sandwich top down
7. Vegan Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich from Vegan Everytime
Want a tofu recipe so quick you don’t even have to cook it? This vegan egg salad uses turmeric and nutritional yeast for the classic yellow color, fresh parsley, and vegan mayo for the sauce.
Not only does this tofu “egg” salad taste great on bread, it also works great in wraps, leafy salads, or as a side dish. It only takes 15 minutes!
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egg salad sandwich
8. Sweet Ginger Tofu Poke Bowl from The All Natural Vegan
Here’s a vegan poke bowl you’ll love. It’s a balanced meal of rice, fresh veggies, edamame, and tofu. The sweet and tangy ginger-garlic sauce brings it all together.
You don’t even need to cook the tofu for this one, making it super quick and ready to eat at home or take with you!
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9. Tofu Lettuce Wraps from A Pinch of Healthy
Make your own healthy tofu lettuce wraps at home! These can make a great appetizer or complete meal when paired with a side of brown rice.
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tofu lettuce wraps
10. Vegan Egg Roll in a Bowl from Plant Based with Amy
Preparing egg rolls in a bowl makes the recipe quicker than wrapping up the rolls. Tofu takes the place of meat in this recipe, and you won’t miss it! Plus, all you need is one pan.
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vegan egg roll in a bowl
11. Tofu Bahn Mi Lettuce Wraps from Healthy(ish) Appetite
These lettuce wraps are light and refreshing. Tofu crumbles, quick pickled veggies, and spicy mayo all wrapped up in crunchy butter lettuce make this a refreshing summer appetizer or entrée.
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12. Air Fryer Buffalo Tofu from Nourished by Nic
Air fryers are awesome for making quick and crispy meals. For this one, all you have to do is toss your chopped tofu in spices and buffalo sauce and pop it in the air fryer.
There’s also an oven method if that’s more your style.
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13. Tofu Tacos with Black Beans from Well Plated by Erin
Make next Taco Tuesday into Tofu Taco Tuesday with this plant-based protein-packed dinner. Customize it with your favorite toppings, use as enchilada filling, on nachos, or in burrito bowls.
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14. Easy BBQ Tofu from A Couple Cooks
When people think of BBQ, the first thing that comes to mind is usually meat. Mix it up and try a plant-based option with this six-ingredient recipe that’s done in 15 minutes.
Serve it on a bun, with quinoa, or with a side of your favorite veggies for a complete meal.
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15. Air fryer tofu nuggets from Easy Chickpeasy
These nuggets are breaded in a crunchy coating, which can easily be made gluten free. They’re great for kids but totally tasty for adults, too! Pair with your favorite dipping sauce or enjoy accompanying a meal.
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16. Easy Vegan Ramen with Crispy Tofu from Fad Free Nutrition Blog
Ramen is a quick and comforting soup made with noodles and savory broth. This version is still super simple. But a comforting blend of tofu and veggies makes it heartier and more nutritious.
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17. Vegan Egg Rolls from Plant Based with Amy
This recipe has all the flavor without the eggs or frying oil. Paired with homemade peanut sauce, these vegan egg rolls are perfect as an appetizer, snack, or entrée. Assembly is simpler than you might think, and this recipe takes just 35 minutes from start to finish.
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top down view of baked vegan egg rolls with a small bowl of dipping sauce
18. Baked Teriyaki Tofu from Plant Based with Amy
Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for a simple tofu recipe, this is a great one for you. You can use the teriyaki tofu for different dishes like stir fry, noodles, or salad. This recipe also shows you a few other yummy marinade ideas to try.
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oven baked tofu on a white plate next to chop sticks
19. Sheet Pan Tofu Fajita Bowls from Fork in the Road
Sheet pan recipes are a perfect go-to for simple dinners.
This flavorful and fresh Mexican-inspired meal features fajita-spiced tofu served on a bed of warm rice and accompanied by black beans, baked vegetables, and fresh cilantro.
You can add this to your rotation of weeknight dinners or meal prep!
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20. Vegan Orange Chicken from Lettuce Veg Out
Move over, chicken! Tofu is taking over in this vegan orange chicken. Sweet, tangy orange juice takes this spicy sauce to the next level. It pairs wonderfully alongside white rice and steamed vegetables.
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21. Crispy Baked Sesame Garlic Tofu from Everyday Homemade
This sweet, savory, and garlicky tofu pairs wonderfully with noodles, rice, or veggies. You can skip the tofu-pressing step to make this recipe even quicker.
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22. Green Tofu Curry from Plant Based with Amy
This warm and comforting tofu curry serves two, making it perfect for a date night in. You can substitute the spinach for any dark leafy green you have on hand. Try Swiss chard, collard greens, beet greens, or mustard greens! 
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23. Honey Sriracha Tofu from Budget Bytes
Sweet and spicy—it’s hard to name a better duo. This 30-minute dinner is one of the best simple tofu recipes out there when you want something that calls for pantry items so you can throw it together quickly.
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24. Pad Thai from Tastes Better From Scratch
Why take out when you can cook in? You won’t regret this from-scratch pad Thai recipe where the tofu soaks up all the flavors of the salty and sweet peanut sauce.
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tofu pad thai
25. Vegan Saag Paneer from Connoisseurus Veg
The classic Paneer cheese dish is replaced with seasoned tofu, served with a creamy coconut milk-based sauce. The end result is a savory and rich meal that only requires 35 minutes!
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vegan saag paneer
26. Silken Tofu Pasta Sauce from The Hidden Veggies
While many simple tofu recipes for entrees will use firm or extra-firm tofu, blending silken tofu is a great option to add creaminess to a sauce, smoothie, or spreads. This Alfredo-like pasta sauce comes together in 20 minutes.
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silken tofu pasta sauce
27. Easy Tofu Ground Beef from No Food Rules
All it takes is some spices and flavorings to make tofu into a substitute for ground beef. A cheese grater helps turn this tofu into a crumbled texture.
You can enjoy this tofu in place of ground meat. It’s great for meal prep to use in a variety of recipes like salads, pasta, tacos, and burritos.
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ground tofu
28. Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce from A Virtual Vegan
This sauce can be stirred into pasta, drizzled over bowls, or served with veggies or chips. There’s no nuts, dairy, or gluten!
Silken tofu makes it creamy, while nutritional yeast provides cheesiness, and spices add extra depth and sharpness. Five minutes and you’ve got yourself smooth vegan cheese sauce!
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easy vegan cheese sauce


29. Vegan Chocolate Mousse with Silken Tofu from Vegan Dessert Ideas
Tofu not only makes for delicious dinners, it can also be used to make luxurious desserts. Silken tofu and chocolate blend up to make a light and creamy chocolate mousse.
You only need four ingredients for this one, no dairy or aquafaba needed.
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30. Tofu Pudding from Run Away Rice
This creamy tofu dessert is made with soy milk and ginger. Make it for a fancy date night at home!
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Final thoughts

I hope you found some new easy tofu recipes to try out. Tofu is a great staple food to keep around for its versatility, simplicity, and protein content. As you can see, there are many delicious ways to enjoy it!


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Whether you’re new to plant-based eating or have been following a vegetarian diet for years, you’ll love these 20 flavorful and easy tofu recipes.

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