Pretty Cheap DIY Engagement Party Favors

When it comes to DIY engagement party favors, you can definitely put together cheap favors. Use these ideas at your own party!

Assorted party favors

The engagement party might be for the happy couple, but don’t forget the guests! Show your love and appreciation for people who celebrate you with these easy-to-make (and edible!) DIY engagement favors. 

Since Lawrence and I got engaged (with such a sweet proposal!) a few months ago, we’ve been knee deep in research mode, thinking about all the options for our big day.

I have to admit, I at first went pretty crazy into the research, contacting a few hundred (yes, a few hundred!) venues all around the world. More on that soon, I promise!

a cake with a sign that says future Mr and Mrs

Two engagement parties

Before we put our wedding plans into stone, we wanted to celebrate our engagement with our closest friends and family.

Because our nearest and dearest live all over the country—but primarily in Florida, where I grew up, and in the New Jersey and New York City area, where we live—we decided to have two parties!

Why not?! And of course, I can’t host a party without giving each guest an engagement party favor! These homemade engagement party favors are budget friendly!

Also see how Lawrence and I planned an engagement party on a budget! Of course, we had engagement party decorations and party decor, plus a table set up for engagement party gifts.

My parents are throwing us one in my hometown later this month. And Lawrence, I, and his parents hosted a local engagement party this past weekend at our apartment!

We wanted to keep it pretty casual and easy, so we ordered catering from a local Dominican restaurant and bought appetizer platters and a two-tier cake from Sam’s Club.

Listicle of engagement party favors

Eengagement favors

Even though things were on the easier side, I don’t have it in me to host a party without crafting at least one thing! So for this party, I made engagement favors for each guest.

Of course, before I got crafting, I Googled and searched on Pinterest, and posted on Facebook for ideas for favors.

What I came up with is pretty simple to put together, so I want to share it with you all in case it sparks inspiration for any future party planning! Enjoy these engagement party favor ideas.

Engagement party favors in cellophane

The favors were pretty cheap!

The best part? Each engagement party favor cost less than $1 a piece (about $.50-$.60 each). I’m a bride to be on a budget, so every dollar counts!

You might recall the wellness gift bags I made to hand out to pals at a holiday party. The favors I made for our engagement party have a similar look.

Engagement party gifts wrapped in cellophane

How I made DIY party engagement favors

Here are the supplies I used to make these favors for our engagement party:

Cellophane gift bags

You can buy these at many locales, but I found the best deal to be a pack of 25 for a buck at Dollar Tree. You can also grab this pack from Amazon.

Heart stickers

I was hoping to find gift bags with hearts on them, but no dice. So I took things into my own hands and used my childhood sticker collection to decorate the bags! You can find similar heart stickers on Amazon.


What’s a party favor without some personal touches? I bought a cute love-themed confetti pack from Party City as a decoration for the party. I knew there would be some left over, so I sprinkled a handful of confetti into each gift bag. I also like this engagement ring confetti from Amazon.

Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses

Right after Valentine’s Day, I dashed to my local CVS for the half-off sale. I wanted pink, red, and silver hearts—and what better way to score them than to buy them on sale? You can buy pink Kisses and red and pink Hugs year-round at Amazon.

Ring Pops

I thought this would be cute and punny. And Dollar Tree came through again, as I was able to buy a four-pack of the pops for a buck. I saw them for triple the price at a local Michael’s! You can also buy a big pack of ‘em at Amazon.

Close up of cellophane bag filled with ring pops

How to set up the favors

And there you go! I styled the favors in a bowl (which was an engagement present from friends) by the door, next to a “love is sweet, so take a treat” sign that I’d created.

I’d seen similar signs on Etsy.

But since I like to make things I figured why not try my hand at making my own. I bought a gold 5” x 7” frame at the dollar store and used my stash of craft supplies—scrapbooking stickers and artisan paper I’d accumulated over the years—to make the sign.

close up of a man and woman holding hands with the woman wearing an engagement ring

More engagement favor ideas

Here are more ideas for pretty cheap engagement party favors:

If you want, you can place one or two of these items in engagement party gift bags.

Sign that says love is sweet so take a treat

More wedding planning ideas

I hope this easy budget-friendly, DIY idea for engagement favors helps your engagement party planning! I can’t wait to hear about your own DIY party favors.

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When it comes to engagement party favors, you can definitely put together cheap favors. See great engagement favor ideas to use at your own party!

What ideas do you have for easy DIY engagement favors? What engagement party favors that are DIY have you loved? What’s your favorite wedding favor idea? What cheap wedding favors and bridal shower favors do you think guests will love?

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