How to Make Female Groomsmen Proposal Boxes

Having female groomsmen in your wedding party? Use these ideas for a female groomsman (aka a groomswoman!) proposal box.

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Soon after I said “yes” to my fiancé’s sweet proposal, I got into major crafting mode. I wanted to make proposal boxes not only for my for my bridesmaids and maid of honor—but also for our best man, groomsmen, lady groomsman, and flower girls.

In my other wedding prep posts, I shared my DIY wedding projects, including how we asked the “will you be our flower girl?” question.

Now, I’m going to talk about how I made a female groomsman gift as unique as our female groomsman, Tara. There are no bow ties or cigar cutters in this female groomsmen gift box ideas!

Tara’s female groomsman gift ended up being a cross between the bridesmaid proposal boxes and the will-you-be-my-best-man gift I put together for other members of our wedding party!

Lawrence with his groomsman, groomswoman, and best man.
Lawrence with his groomsman, groomswoman, and best man.

Ideas for groomswoman gifts

Here’s what Tara’s female groomsman proposal box ended up looking like! If you’re looking to put together something similar, I hope my run through of the box’s contents are helpful.

Photo box

Tara’s female groomsman proposal box is from the same photo box collection from Michael’s that I used to create the other wedding party proposals. Because Tara is more into goth than pastel colors, I picked out a black floral box for her. 

Proposal stickers

I used the same groomsman proposal stickers that my fiancé and I used for the groomsman proposal boxes. For Tara’s, we did a little cutting and pasting to turn the word “groomsman” into “groomswoman.” 

Tissue paper

I bought a large pack of tissue paper and used several sheets as a base for the box. You’ll need this for creating any female groomsman proposal boxes.

Mini zen garden

Tara loves quirky gifts, and she was about to move at the time that we asked her to be in our wedding. So she definitely needed some zen!

Diamond Lip Gloss

Tara got the same adorable diamond lip gloss I gifted to my bridesmaids. 

Tie-the-knot bracelet

I love these individualized female groomsmen bracelets! I purchased Tara’s from Etsy, but I’ve seen similar ones on Amazon. Plus, we figured Tara could wear the bracelet while walking down the aisle on our wedding day (if she wants, of course)!

Mini champagne & paper straws

We picked up the little champagne bottle from a local liquor store and paired it with a couple of pretty paper straws. 

Ring Pops, Hershey’s Kisses, and Hershey’s Hugs

I had made DIY engagement favors for our engagement party, so each wedding party member received a bag of candy (with a Ring Pop!) with the proposal box. Find out how we had an engagement party on a budget.

Need help with a groomswoman proposal? Here's how to ask a female groomsman or best woman to be in your wedding party.

More female groomsmen proposal ideas

All in all, the proposal box cost less than $35. That’s price isn’t bad at all for asking a best pal to be your female groomsman on your big day!

Lawrence proposed to his groomswoman, Tara, at our engagement party in March.
Lawrence proposed to his groomswoman, Tara, at our engagement party in March.

What else to put in female groomsmen boxes? Use these lady groomsmen proposal box ideas for your DIY gift set:

By the way, Lawrence and I discussed whether we could invite Tara to the bachelorette party as well as the bachelor party, since she’s also my friend.

The answer: Of course! We also talked about whether a suit or a dress would be most appropriate for the wedding. But we decided Tara would much rather wear a dress!

Assorted goodies in a box

Final thoughts

If you have a female groomsman in your wedding party, you have multiple ideas for making a female groomsmen proposal box! You can do so for $40 or less.

More wedding planning ideas

Planning your own wedding? You may also find the following wedding-planning posts helpful! I have ideas for how to ask groomsmen and more.

Having a female groomsman in your wedding party? Use these ideas for a groomswoman proposal box!

I’d love to hear from you! What are your gift ideas for a female groomsman? Share your groomswoman gift ideas, as well as your ideas for groomsmen gift boxes, in the comments! What kind of female best man proposal did you do?

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