My Week of Hello Fresh Vegetarian Recipes

Thinking about trying Hello Fresh vegetarian recipes or Hello Fresh vegan recipes? I tell you all about my week of eating Hello Fresh plant-based meals.

Looking for vegetarian meal delivery boxes? Enter Hello Fresh vegetarian recipes! The meal subscription box is one of the best vegetarian food delivery options out there.

Here, I share my experience eating vegetarian fresh box meals from the meal delivery company. The beauty of the meal kit delivery service is that some of the vegetarian recipes are vegan, too!

Various ingredients sitting on a wooden board including green beans, cauliflower, naan bread, canned diced tomatoes

My Experience with Hello Fresh Vegetarian Recipes

Confession: I don’t usually use recipes. This is both a blessing and a curse. Because while I’m not married to an ingredient list for my meals, I often feel like I have to be “on” while cooking. This means that if inspiration hits mid-meal-prep, then I share my attention with my note pad–I must write down those recipe notes!–and my camera. 

I had never tried a meal delivery service, so I was pretty psyched to receive Hello Fresh meals. I opted for the  vegetarian plans option. And on a Tuesday, three days of meals for two arrived in an insulated box. 

The only things I needed from my own kitchen were cooking tools like a cutting board and a chef’s knife and minor ingredients like black pepper, salt, olive oil, and butter. 

The vegetarian box was pretty delicious, but I have to admit my favorite part was having easy directions to follow, having all the ingredients pre-selected and delivered (to make mealtime a no-brainer), and having yummy meals to serve my husband, Lawrence.

Homemade meal in a red bowl

Hello Fresh Vegetarian Meal: Cauliflower and Lentil Dal  

The first meal I made was Warming Cauliflower and Lentil Dal with Green Beans and Toasted Naan Flatbreads. You can see the contents of the ingredients box in the above photo. The recipe card told me that this dish was going to take just 35 minutes to prepare, and it was spot on! I really enjoyed the step-by-step instructions.

I like that the meal provided plenty of plant-based protein from the lentilsand also a good amount of veggies. I found that the portions were on the larger side, so I separated this into three meals. 

Lawrence isn’t crazy about spicy food, so that meant three servings for me (win!). In fact, one is currently in the freezer, and I may defrost it for lunch today.

Many of these meals could have been Hello Fresh vegan meals if you just took away one or two of the dairy ingredients.

A tray of stuffed red peppers

Hello Fresh Vegetarian Meal: Stuffed Peppers

Next up: Golden Grain-Stuffed Peppers with Sundried Tomatoes and Zucchini. I have to admit that as much as I cook, I’d never made stuffed peppers, so I had a lot of fun with this recipe. I love to roast veggies, and these were so delicious.

I’ll definitely be incorporating more stuffed peppers into my future. The golden grains were tasty and a combo of couscous with orzo, split chickpeas and quinoaand the melted fresh mozzarella was a treat. I’m a sucker for fresh herbs, too, and loved the taste of fresh parsley in this recipe.

Because I work from home, I decided to take a longer lunch break and whip this dish up in the middle of the day for a nice home-cooked meal.

Top down view of gnocchi and green peas and green beans on a plate

Hello Fresh Vegetarian Meal: Gnocchi

The last meal in my Hello Fresh recipes box was Greens Gnocchi with Asparagus, Peas, and a Creamy Tarragon Sauce, which combined asparagus and peas (spring greens!) with gnocchi and a creamy tarragon sauce of Parmesan, butter, and sour cream.

It was a super tasty dinner, and the combo of fresh garlic, fresh tarragon, and walnuts was pretty stellar. This was also the quickest recipe, at just 25 minutes. I used a tad bit less butter than the recipe calls for and served it with a hardboiled egg for a little extra protein.  

This meal was Lawrence’s favorite. He thought the fresh gnocchi was such a treat. I thought so, too! Of course, it’s a bit too decadent to be part of a weekly meal plan. But I’ll include the ingredients in my grocery shopping from time to time.

A plate of food on a table, HelloFresh recipe in the background

Want to Try Hello Fresh Meals?

So there is my week of Hello Fresh vegetarian meals! The recipes were super fun and easy for any level of culinary experience.

They’re also a fun date-night activity! While Lawrence’s schedule didn’t align with my cooking for this box of meals, he helped me make the meals in another Hello Fresh vegetarian recipes box, and we always have a lot of fun spending time in the kitchen together.

Want to give your own Hello Fresh menu a try? You can choose a smaller plan or a family plan to fit your needs.

This blog post was updated in November 2020.

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I’d love to hear from you! What do you think about these Hello Fresh vegetarian recipes? What’s your favorite Hello Fresh recipe? Have you tried any fresh-prepared meal delivery service? What other meal kits do you like? Let me know if you order a HelloFresh vegetarian meal.

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Find this post helpful? At no additional cost to you, you can support the maintenance of running this site by using my Amazon affiliate links to shop. Thank you so much.

And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to get updates delivered straight to your inbox! Also, download my free 3-day vegan meal plan.

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