19 High-Protein Vegan Snacks That Taste Delicious

From roasted chickpeas to smoothie recipes and everything in between, these high-protein vegan snacks are great for fueling your body.

close up of vegan chocolate pudding in a white ramekin

It’s a myth that a vegan diet won’t contain enough protein. Many vegan foods contain plenty of protein!

When eating a combination of high-protein vegan foods throughout the day, you can easily get all the essential amino acids you need for a healthy diet.

One simple way to boost total protein is to add high-protein vegan snacks into your day. You may be surprised by the variety of snack choices that can help you meet your daily protein needs on a vegan diet.

From homemade to store-bought, these high-protein vegan snacks are both delicious and convenient.

Need a little pick-me-up that will also fill you up? Luckily, I’ve rounded up the best vegan protein snacks out there so you don’t have to search far and wide!

To be considered high protein, a snack must contain 10 grams or more protein per serving.

Whether you prefer home cooking or grab-and-go products, you have tons of options for getting in extra protein in between meals.

See all homemade high-protein vegan snacks here or skip to all the store-bought high-protein vegan snacks here.

Homemade high protein vegan snacks

If you prefer making your snacks at home, try one of my quick and easy high-protein vegan recipes.

Every recipe offers a good source of plant-based protein from nutrient-dense sources like nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Plus, they’re all low in added sugar, and many are an excellent source of fiber.

Choosing the homemade route for your high-protein, plant-based snacks comes with a handful of benefits. You will:

  • Know exactly what’s in your food.
  • Easily control food allergens within your own kitchen.
  • Save money by buying staple ingredients in bulk.

A lot of times when people think homemade, they think long prep times. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case! Now, let’s take a look at easy recipes for high-protein vegan snacks.

side view of small ramekins filled with chocolate pudding sprinkled with shredded coconut

1. Dairy-Free Chocolate Pudding

Total protein: 10 grams (1.25 servings)

Are you craving something sweet, but still want to up your daily protein intake?

Look no further than this creamy, vegan pudding. Made with only five ingredients––including a combination of powdered peanut butter, banana, and cocoa powder––this snack comes together in five minutes! It’s the perfect high-protein vegan snack!

close up of roasted chickpeas in a small bowl topped with herbs

2. Healthy Roasted Chickpeas with Seasoning

Total protein: 12 grams (2 servings)

Roasted chickpeas are a surprisingly crunchy snack that are packed with fiber and protein. This high-protein vegan snack recipe is versatile, as it allows you to use any seasoning you have on hand.

Some of my favorite seasonings include curry powder, Za’atar, Parmesan, or turmeric and black pepper. Be sure to rinse the chickpeas before baking to reduce total sodium while leaving fiber and protein intact.

Vegan Wild Blueberry Cauliflower Smoothie

3. Vegan Wild Blueberry Cauliflower Smoothie

Total protein: 16 grams (1 smoothie)

Thanks to the cashew yogurt and powdered peanut butter, this smoothie is packed with filling protein. It’s low in added sugar and gets its sweetness from blueberries, strawberries, and maple syrup.

Plus, the high-protein vegan snack has an extra smooth texture because it includes cauliflower, a veggie that makes smoothies thick and creamy.

side view of chia pudding in small clear cups topped with cherries and nut butter

4. Cherry Chia Pudding

Total protein: 10.5 grams (1.75 servings)

Chia seed pudding is an excellent choice for a convenient snack, as it can be made in a large batch ahead of time and enjoyed over a few days.

This protein-packed recipe uses chia seeds, almond milk, cherries, and almond butter for a tasty snack that’s just sweet enough to enjoy any time of day. Add it to your list of high protein plant based snacks, pronto!

close up of chocolate energy balls on a plate

5. Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Balls

Total protein: 12 grams (4 balls)

Snacking on-the-go is easy with these homemade protein balls. Thanks to the combination of oats, almond butter, chia seeds, and pistachios, these protein balls contain 6 grams of protein per serving.

As a bonus, they’re naturally gluten free, making them a great choice if you follow a gluten-free vegan diet.

close up of avocado berry smoothie with a paper straw

6. Healthy Avocado Grape Smoothie

Total protein: 14 grams (1 smoothie)

One surprising ingredient makes this smoothie an excellent source of protein: edamame. This soybean is a plant-based protein that’s also packed with fiber.

The addition of grape juice and banana adds sweetness, while the mint leaves give this smoothie a refreshing flavor. Plus, avocado ensures this smoothie offers heart-healthy, filling fats.

lupini bean salad

7. Italian Lupini Bean Salad with Crushed Pistachio

Total protein: 23 grams (1 serving)

Who says salads can’t be on your list of high protein plant based snacks?

The lupini bean is a Middle Eastern bean that’s flat and round. It’s often found jarred or in a package, but you can also purchase dried lupini beans to cook at home.

These beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein and offer other essential nutrients like fiber, zinc, and magnesium. Mix up this salad as a quick snack.

side view of a small bowl of vegan chocolate chip chickpea dough

Total protein: 10 grams (1.25 servings)

Mid-day snack or after-dinner dessert? You be the judge. This deliciously sweet recipe can be enjoyed by the spoonful or baked into warm cookies alongside a glass of your favorite plant-based milk.

This recipe provides 10 grams of protein, thanks to chickpeas and creamy peanut butter! I promise you won’t taste the chickpeas.

Store-bought high protein vegan snacks

If there’s a best time to be vegan, it’s now.

Why? Companies are rolling out with vegan versions of their original products and creating new items to meet customer demands. Some of the best vegan protein snacks come straight out of a package!

Life gets busy and sometimes it’s easier to pick up a snack at the store versus making it at home. These high protein vegan snacks are available in most major retail stores and are all shelf stable for you to enjoy whenever your hunger hits.

9. Harvest Snaps Baked Green Pea Snacks

Total protein: 10 grams (2 oz)

Perfect for snacking on-the-go or paired with a sandwich as a chip alternative, Harvest Snaps are crunchy and packed with flavor. These baked snacks are made with peas, making them a good source of plant-based protein.

Note: if you follow a strict vegan diet or have a milk allergy, then you may want to skip these because they’re packaged on shared equipment with milk.

Califia farms protein oat milk

10. Califia Farms Original Protein Oat Milk

Total protein: 12 grams (12 fl oz)

Califia Farms Original Protein Oat Milk is your answer to a vegan milk alternative that’s allergy friendly and packed with protein. Made with oats and pea protein, this milk is both soy- and gluten-free.

As a bonus, it also contains flaxseed oil for a hefty dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, the high-protein plant based snack is an excellent source of both calcium and vitamin D.

Enjoy on its own, over a bowl of your favorite cereal, or mixed into a smoothie for an extra protein boost.

Saffron Road roasted chickpeas

11. Saffron Road Roasted Chickpeas

Total protein: 12 grams (½ cup)

Saffron Road Roasted Chickpeas are a flavor-packed vegan snack that’s also high in protein. Choose from multiple flavors such as Korean BBQ, Bombay Spice, and Falafel.

All flavors are ultra-crunchy and make for a delicious addition to a trail mix or enjoyed on their own.

SuperSeedz pumpkin seeds

12. SuperSeedz Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds

Total protein: 16 grams (½ cup)

SuperSeedz Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds come in a variety of flavors like Sea Salt and Cinnamon & Sugar in their original line, as well as premium choices like Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan, and Vermont Maple Sugar & Sea Salt.

Not only are these seeds a good source of protein, they’re also an excellent source of essential nutrients like zinc and magnesium. So go ahead and add them to your list of go-to high protein plant based snacks!

bada bean bada boom snacks

13. Bada Bean Bada Boom

Total protein: 12 grams (2 oz)

Roasted broad beans are an unexpectedly delicious and crunchy snack to boost your daily protein intake. And because this snack is made from a bean, you’ll also get a significant source of fiber to help fill you up.

Choose from over nine flavors including Sweet Onion & Mustard, Zesty Ranch, and Sweet Cinnamon.

dry roasted edamame snacks

14. Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame

Total protein: 14 grams (1/3 cup)

Edamame is an immature soybean that’s an excellent source of protein. Seapoint Farms makes it easy to enjoy it on-the-go thanks to their individually packed, dry roasted edamame that’s available in two flavors: Sea Salt or Wasabi.

You can also buy larger bags of the roasted edamame for use in a DIY trail mix or as an addition to recipes at home like salads.

88 Acres protein bars

15. 88 Acres Protein Bars

Total protein: 12 grams (1 bar)

88 Acres is an allergy-friendly company that makes a variety of seed-based products. Their protein bars are an excellent choice for a high protein vegan snack, as one bar contains 12 grams of protein and only four grams of added sugar.

Choose from two flavors: Banana Bread and Dark Chocolate Brownie.

ripple protein shake

16. Ripple Protein Shakes

Total protein: 20 grams (12 fl oz)

Ripple Foods makes plant-based milk alternatives using pea protein. Their protein shakes contain a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving and are an excellent source of calcium.

The high protein plant based snacks are available in three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee.

Picky Bars protein bars

17. Picky Bars Nut Butter Bars

Total protein: 10 grams (1 bar)

Picky Bars Nut Butter Bars are made with a combination of nut butter and pea protein crisps giving them a uniquely crunchy texture.

One bar contains 10 grams of protein and only six grams of added sugar. Choose from three flavors – Peanut Chocolate Champ, Hazelnut Chocolate Amazelnut, and Almond Cinnamon Cinn-sation.

Go macro bar

18. GoMacro Bars

Total protein: 10-12 grams (1 bar)

If you like an ingredients list you can pronounce (without having to make it yourself), this is the bar for you.

GoMacro has tons of flavors to choose from and provides 10 to 12 grams of protein per serving with the use of their signature plant-based protein blend made from organic sprouted brown rice and pea protein.

a dozen cousins heat and eat beans

19. A Dozen Cousins Heat & Eat Beans

Total protein: 10-15 grams (1 container)

There’s no shame in eating straight out of the bag—and that applies to beans too. Ready in just one minute, these pre-cooked and perfectly seasoned beans are the perfect snack when you want something nice and warm to fill you up in between meals.

One pouch provides 10 to 15 grams of protein! Add a dash of nutritional yeast for extra protein.

The bottom line

Appropriately planned vegan diets are not lacking in protein. An essential way to ensure you’re getting enough protein for a healthy, balanced diet is to include high protein vegan snacks between meals.

Both homemade and store-bought vegan snacks fit into a balanced diet and can help you meet your daily protein needs.

What is your favorite recipe or product from this list? Comment below!

Disclosure: Although Harvest Snaps is a current client, this blog post was not sponsored.

From roasted chickpeas to smoothie recipes and everything in between, these high protein vegan snacks are tasty and great for fueling your body.
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