Are the New Plant-Based Hamburgers Healthy?

When it comes to plant based hamburgers, what’s the deal with vegan hamburgers and veggie burger brands? Are they healthy, and which ones are the best?

Curious about the new plant-based hamburgers? Are the Beyond Meat burger and the other meat-free burgers healthy options? How do the new plant-based burgers stack up? Get the answers to all your burning plant-based burger questions!

plant-based burgers on a grill

Probably like many plant-based foodies, I can tell you exactly when and where I was when I tried my first Beyond Burger. It was a couple of winters ago, and my fiancé (my then boyfriend) and I were visiting Chicago. This was about a month before we got engaged.

The restaurant we lunched at had the plant-based burger on the menu, and I knew I had to give it a try. It really did look like a “real” burger!

And it’s not as if I ate enough beef burgers in my pre-pescatarian days to remember the taste. But the red “juice” and umami taste made the experience seem pretty darn authentic.

Newer plant-based hamburgers, including the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger, are gaining pretty huge traction. But are these protein-packed patties good for you? And how do the brands stack up against each other nutritionally?

Before you toss your frozen black bean burgers aside and rush to buy these new plant-based burgers, I’m here to talk about the health benefits of the meat stand ins—and their pitfalls. Are the burgers really the best protein for vegetarians?

A plate filled with fries and a burger

Impossible Burger vs. Beyond Burger

This has been an amazing year for plant-based eating, as more and more people have embraced it.

Are the new Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger healthy options? It’s no doubt that each burger packs a lot of protein, but are they nutritious options? And which should you choose? 

I break down some of the key nutritional differences in my chat with Eat This, Not That! Looking for a plant-based grocery list?

P.S. You might enjoy one of your plant-based hamburgers paired with sweet potatoes and vegan mayo or barbecue sauce!

A woman eating a giant burger

Is Beyond Meat healthy?

By now, you’ve for sure heard of Morningstar Farms plant-based patties and even Trader Joe’s veggie burgers. The newer kid in town with veggie burger brands: Beyond Meat.

And whether you’re a newbie or a long-time vegetarian—or a flexitarian who likes both real and alt meat options—you may have some burning questions about following a plant-forward diet, as well as the new plant-based hamburgers out there.

Are these meatless burgers safe to eat every day? Are the vegan burgers considered veggie superfoods or just another pretty good option? I share my thoughts with Business Insider.

A bowl of grilled vegetables, avocado and kidney beans

Amy’s plant-based recipe to try

Make this meal: Summer Vegan Power Bowl!

As much as you might be in love with the new alt burgers, it’s a good idea to eat some whole-food-based plant meals, too. And this vegetarian power bowl is super easy to whip up in your own kitchen.

You get plenty of protein from a heaping serving of quinoa and kidney beans, plus lots and lots of veggies! Want a protein-packed vegetarian snack? Give healthy roasted chickpeas a try.


What do you think about the new plant-based hamburgers? Would you eat a veggie burger that tastes like meat? When you look at the ingredient list for vegan ground beef burgers, do you look for soy free products or not? Do you look for veggie burgers with brown rice or pea protein?

When it comes to plant based hamburgers, what\'s the deal with vegan hamburgers and veggie burger brands? Are they healthy, and which ones are the best?
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