Amy is available for spokesperson work, brand representation, and recipe development. This includes but is not limited to the services listed below. Please see Amy’s media page for additional samples of her work.

Appearances & Interviews

Amy In The Media
  • Broadcast, print, and online interviews
  • Media tours and events
  • Lecture and webinar presentations
  • Videos
  • Satellite media tours
  • Trade shows and health expos
  • Recipe development
  • Recipe blog posts
  • Food photography
  • Sponsored e-newsletters
  • E-book creation and curation
  • Meal plans
  • Branded blog posts and articles

Quotes & Social Media

Amy’s Quotes & Mentions
  • Tips and quotes for press releases
  • Media and nutrition consulting
  • Media training
  • Social media engagement
  • Instagram lives and takeovers
  • Facebook live chats and recipe demos
  • Giveaway and contests
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“Amy has changed the game for NOW in generating coverage and national exposure for our brand and products in a crowded media market. Her savvy synergy of traditional and social media—and nutrition expertise—makes her a highly sought-after resource who knows how to capitalize on current trends and dietary recommendations to help put NOW on the radar. We plan to continue our partnership with Amy for years to come!”

– Alana Horinko, senior public relations manager for NOW

“Working with Amy is like working with an extended team member. She is collaborative, creative, and always keeps to a deadline. Amy is also honest with what elements of a program will work best across her channels and shares other ways to amplify, if needed. Amy goes above and beyond to ensure her work meets and exceeds expectations.”

– Lisa Bruno, MS RDN, vice president at Ketchum

“I have been working with Amy for almost a decade, starting when she was an editor at Weight Watchers Mag and I was doing corporate PR for a natural snack brand. She has always been a force and kind at the same time. She is incredibly intelligent, creative, approachable, and authentic. I’ve watched her flourish over the years from working full time while attending NYU’s dietetic program and through a grueling residency to starting her own business as a media-savvy RD working with leading food and beverage brands in the industry. Amy is always passionate and collaborative and is a pleasure to work with and know.”

– Rachel Powell, owner of Powell PR

Amy’s current & past brand partners

“Amy is an absolute gem! She’s extremely knowledgeable and well connected in the media world. Plus, Amy is easy to work with and delivers fantastic content––she carefully considers her client’s needs and comes up with creative ways to deliver nutrition information. Amy is able to bridge the gap between sharing evidence-based nutrition information and making sure it will actually get seen––she’s an SEO queen! I’ve worked with Amy a few times and turn to her time and time again!”

– Tina Carlucci, RDN, account director at Eat Well Global

“Working with Amy is always a seamless process––she’s professional, timely with her responses, and she really takes the time to understand your brand’s messaging goals. I’m especially appreciative of all the amazing and appropriate media opportunities she brings for our clients. We look forward to continuing our collaborative relationship with Amy in the future.”

– Kelsey Matheson, PR & content strategist for Ethos|VONT

“It is always a pleasure working with Amy on behalf of our clients. She is professional, communicative, and helps share messages in a way that is authentic to both her and our brands. Amy offers a unique voice and expertise, where she is able to take even the most scientific and technical subject matter and translate it in a way that consumers not only understand but can see the benefits of and how they translate into their everyday lives.”

– Ketchum