Coronavirus Quarantine Emergency Food Supply List

Take control of your emergency food supply while under quarantine by using this emergency food supply list of foods to stock up on during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether it’s social distancing, self isolation, self quarantine, or an actual quarantine period, being at home 24/7 under quarantine measures during the COVID-19 pandemic can feel scary. Enter this survival kit list to get you through this period of time (let’s hope it’s something like a few months, not 25 years!).

I don’t know about your city, but where I live is basically shut down. You might as well say we’re on lock down or under quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak. We have a city-wide curfew, and residents have been asked to self isolate during this pandemic.

And with nearly 4,300 cases of the novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19) in the United States, per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (as of March 17, 2020), this is for good reason so we can help flatten the curve of how quickly coronavirus symptoms are spreading.

We currently haven’t caught up to the coronavirus in Italy, and that’s a good thing. With social distancing and self isolationregular grocery shopping may not be feasible over the next few weeks.

Thus, stocking up on essentials is key. With so many food options out there, which foods do you really need in your food survival kit while you’re in quarantine?

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Getting a Supply of Nutritious Foods

To help narrow down your grocery list and ensure you have all the right foods in your emergency food supply to get you through these tough times, I’m sharing an extensive list of nutritionist-approved foods worth stocking up on during an emergency situation like this.

In this blog post, you’ll also find nutritious foods to add to your emergency food ration list.

You can have them delivered straight to your door via Amazon Fresh, FreshDirect, or Instacart (with the latter, you can choose the new “leave at door” feature) if you can’t or decide that you shouldn’t leave your home while under self quarantine.

Most of these foods have quite a long shelf life (hello canned and freeze dried food!), so you can hold onto this survival food for quite awhile.

Plus, you’ll find a recipe for an oh-so-filling snack that you can toss together with pantry staples (and that home-schooled kiddos can help with).

So let’s take a deep breath, remind ourselves that we’ll get through this, and get into the need-to-know info so that you can eat delicious, nutritious food while under quarantine.

P.S. If you’re feeling as stressed and frazzled as I am during this COVID-19 pandemic and as COVID-19 cases keep increasing, you might find these tips that I posted on Instagram about how to lower your anxiety level helpful, as well as these self-care activities and self-care strategies I recently shared.

And kudos to everyone who’s still staying home to help prevent the spread of the disease. Thank you for doing your part to help public health during this COVID-19 pandemic. Together, all of us will get through this, even people suspected of carrying the contagious disease.

Plus, find out how to easily get groceries delivered during the pandemic! Maybe you’ll score a grocery order within the next 24 hours!

How to Stock Your Freezer and Pantry

Most of us are in various states of panic about infectious disease during this coronavirus scare. But take a step back and make sure your pantry and freezer are stocked so that you’re prepared for the days to come.

This is why I asked my RD colleagues to share the freezer and pantry staples you should have ready to go in your emergency food supply. Hello, emergency food list! Make sure you have a good water storage situation, too.

In this blog post about what to stock up on during the coronavirus scare, they recommended 40 essentials, from canned produce to lean proteins, that will help keep you healthy and well fed for quarantine cooking during the world’s current emergency situation. 

By the way, if you need some recipes to whip while you stay at home, try these easy freezer meals and yummy pantry meals

Close up of coffee beans

The Healthiest Plant-Based Foods to Order

If the local supermarket shelves are barren or you can’t leave your house because of a coronavirus quarantine, online grocery retailers are likely your best bet for getting groceries during this coronavirus pandemic.

To help you figure out which foods to load up on, I had nutrition experts reveal the healthiest items on Amazon Fresh and FreshDirect that can be delivered straight to your doorstep in my NBC News BETTER article. (Hint: I recommend a product that’s named after me…sorta!)

Chocolate energy bites on a table

Amy’s Quarantine Recipe to Try

Whip up a batch of Almond Butter Protein Balls!

When you can’t watch one more episode of House Hunters and have already finished your brand new book, turn to cooking to de-stress and get some anxiety relief while indoors.

These chocolate almond butter protein balls are made with pantry staples, making them the perfect treat to toss together when you’re self-quarantining. Make sure to add the ingredients to your quarantine food supply list.

The best part? You don’t even need to turn on the oven. By the way, if you have kiddos at home, this is an easy recipe for them to help you whip up. Have them measure out ingredients, stir, and roll the recipe into balls (with clean hands, of course!).

And remember, if you’ve been in close contact with someone who’s been exposed to COVID-19, the CDC recommends you take precautions to stop the spread, such as getting tested. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, consider staying in quarantine for 14 days.

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I’d love to hear from you! How are you handling the coronavirus scare? Are you under quarantine yet? What’s in your emergency food supply? Besides food and water, what other emergency supplies do you have on hand?

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Find this post helpful? At no additional cost to you, you can support the maintenance of running this site by using my Amazon affiliate links to shop. Thank you so much.

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Want to go shopping with a dietitian? Here’s your chance! I just opened up my very own storefront,  full of plant-based meal plans, grocery lists, recipe books, and more!

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