Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse (2024 USA Guide)

Texas Roadhouse has few vegan options for those on a plant-based diet, but there are still a few vegan meals and sides you can find!

Close up of a Texas Roadhouse sign. Texas Roadhouse is a Legendary Steak Restaurant but there are vegan options as well

Texas Roadhouse isn’t known for its vegan menu items—it’s a steak house after all! However, if you go to this popular chain restaurant, you can pull together a meal with the few Texas Roadhouse vegan options available.

Vegan menu items at Texas Roadhouse

The side menu offers your best choices for vegan dishes, but you’ll still need to communicate your needs to the server, as some sides may be cooked with non-vegan ingredients.

Note that the full ingredients list for Texas Roadhouse offerings are not available, however you can access the allergen information on the company website. By putting together a few sides, you can create a meal, though it will be lacking in protein.

close up of a baked potato which is a vegan option at Texas Roadhouse

Baked potato

The Texas Roadhouse baked potato comes with three toppings of your choice. None of the standard choices are vegan, so you’ll need to get creative.

Order the baked potato without butter on top or rubbed on the outside of the potato. Skip the sour cream and cheese and ask for fresh steamed broccoli instead.

Note that in some cases it may not be possible to remove the butter or other animal products from the outside of the potato, so it’s best to communicate with your server to better understand the limitations.

Sweet potato

The sweet potato at Texas Roadhouse comes with your choice of marshmallows, cinnamon, butter, or a variety of caramels.

Vegan choices include brown sugar and cinnamon. Be sure to confirm that no butter or other animal products are used when baking the potato.

close up of vegan steamed vegetables in a bowl

Steamed vegetables or steamed broccoli

The steamed vegetables and steamed broccoli are made with a lemon pepper butter which should be removed when ordering if you follow a vegan diet. Ask for the veggies to be made plain or with a vegetable oil instead of butter.

Steak fries are a tasty vegan option at Texas Roadhouse

As with many major restaurant chains, fryer oil is shared. That means non-vegan foods are cooked in the same oil as vegan foods.

However, the steak fries are vegan before being fried in the oil, so as long as you don’t mind the shared fryer oil, you can enjoy this side on a vegan diet.

House salad

The house salad at Texas Roadhouse comes with many non-vegan toppings like egg and cheese, but all can be removed to create a customized vegan salad.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can add to the salad when it comes to vegan toppings, so this option doesn’t make for a satisfying meal. Be sure to choose a vegan dressing like oil and vinegar.

close up of a bowl of apple sauce


Applesauce is a surprising vegan option at Texas Roadhouse. No modifications are required to make this side vegan.


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Surprising options that are NOT vegan

Who would have thought that some of the vegetables at Texas Roadhouse are not vegan? There are a couple to watch out for.

close up of steamed green beans

Green beans

While you may expect the green beans at Texas Roadhouse to be vegan, they’re made with bacon, making them a decidedly non-vegan item.

It’s unlikely that the bacon can be removed, as the veggie is most likely cooked in bacon. You’re better to avoid this side if following a vegan diet.

Sauteed mushrooms

The sauteed mushrooms at Texas Roadhouse contain milk, which most likely comes from butter used when sautéing. (The full ingredient list isn’t available on the Texas Roadhouse menu.)

You may be able to request the mushrooms without butter, but this is likely to vary from restaurant to restaurant whether they can make this accommodation.

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The bottom line on vegan options at Texas Roadhouse

The vegan options at Texas Roadhouse are very limited, making it challenging to eat a full meal in this chain restaurant.

You may want to eat before meeting friends or family here, as it’s possible the only options available are a limited ingredient salad or applesauce.

Still, if you find yourself at a Texas Roadhouse and are following a vegan diet, there are some modifications you can request on their vegan sides to create options that make it possible to enjoy a simple meal.


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