Wedding Registry Ideas When You Have Everything

Here are the best wedding registry ideas when you have everything, plus the best places to register for a wedding.

party favors for wedding registry

You guys, I have huge news! Lawrence and I got married last week. I posted this Instagram post about our wedding, and I promise to share more photos soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to share my favorite wedding registry items with you. We’ve been living together for more than five years, and I came into our relationship with more kitchen items than an entire family would typically have!

Nope, we don’t need a stand mixer or a high-speed blender. So you could say there were very few items we needed.

But we still managed to create a pretty cumbersome wedding gift list of 30-plus ideas, which I’m going to share with you. Hopefully this wedding registry checklist when you have everything will spark some ideas for you!

The best part? These registry gifts are at many different price points.

Best places to register

First off, where did we register? There are oh-so many places you can register, and I’m here to tell you it’s perfectly OK and acceptable to have more than one wedding registry. We had five! This is where we registered.

Amazon wedding registry

You want to think about your guests when you’re creating your registry. And since many people we know have Amazon Prime and the free shipping that comes with it, creating an Amazon bridal registry was an obvious choice.

Plus, you get a fulfillment bonus that’s pretty cool: 20 percent off a purchase of up to $1,500 after your wedding date.

Bed Bath and Beyond Bridal registry

If you’re like me, you get multiple coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond each month. Of course, I want my guests to save!

Plus, I love the Bed Bath and Beyond registry completion discount of 20 percent that’s good for items that don’t usually allow coupons

An example: the Dyson vacuum we’ve been eyeballing for months. And you get that free shipping registry sell for a pretty low purchase amount.

Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry

We love to entertain, and Crate & Barrel IMHO has some of the sleekest and also affordable glassware and other entertaining items.

The Crate & Barrel registry completion discount is pretty nice, as are the bonus incentives. You can get a free Le Creuset salt and pepper set just for adding $500 of Le Creuset items to your wedding registry!

Beautiful table settings with flowers in the centre

Anthropologie Wedding Registry

I love pretty much every kitchen item Anthropologie sells, and we registered for some really beautiful items from here. Plus, you get a 15 percent off completion discount.

The only drawback to having an Anthropologie registry is that some of the items go out of stock more frequently than from the other places we created registries for. This means I had to keep an eye on the bridal registry and update items as needed.

Williams Sonoma Wedding Registry

I admittedly had only a few items on this Williams Sonoma registry. But I added it because we found some items at this store that weren’t sold at any of the other stores we registered at.

This includes waffle plates for our Breville indoor grill! And if all else fails, you can add gift cards to your registry!

Best gifts that you can use on your wedding day

bright teal cake stand

1. Pretty cake stand

Why not register for items you’ll use at your wedding? We placed our wedding cake on this pretty melamine cake stand.

gold cake knife and server

2. Cake cutting set

You’ll need a pretty cake knife and server to go with that cake stand!

kiddush cup and stand

3. Kiddush cup

We got this beautiful kiddush cup for a bridal shower gift, then used it during our wedding ceremony.

Register for it: The Dreidel Company Stainless Steel Kiddush Cup

Best registry items for the kitchen

Paella pan

4. Paella pan

We used this paella pan to pretend we were in Spain during our staycation honeymoon!

fridge thermometer

5. Fridge thermometer

My inner food safety nerd thinks everyone should have a thermometer in their fridge and freezer.

ice cream maker

6. Ice cream maker

Ice cream is part of our proposal story, so we had to include an ice cream maker on our registry! Plus, I think it’s one of the top wedding registry ideas when you have everything.

blue skillet baker

7. Skillet baker

I love oven to table items for easy dinners, and this skillet baker is so pretty.

mini muffin tins

8. Mini muffin tins

We upgraded a few items, and so we got a matching set of mini muffin tins.

stainless steel steamer basket

9. Steamer basket

This steamer basket another item that we upgraded in our search for wedding registry ideas when you have everything!

stainless steel salad spinner

10. Salad spinner

I was always convinced we didn’t have room for a salad spinner. But we became tired of soggy salad, so we made room!

stainless steel taco stands

11. Taco holders

Who likes their tacos falling over? Not me! I love having taco holders for taco Tuesday!

stainless steel toaster oven

12. Fancy toaster

This stainless steel toaster replaced our really, really old toaster oven.

wooden knife organizer

13. Knife Organizer

This knife organizer has been a great help in organizing our knives and flatwear!

stainless steel doughnut tray

14. Mini doughnut pan

In the world of things you want, this mini doughnut pan ranked pretty high for us. And oh my, homemade doughnuts are out of this world!

red immersion blender

15. Immersion blender

I’d always wanted an immersion blender, which makes blending creamy soups a breeze! It’s one of my top wedding registry ideas when you have everything.

chalkboard labels and pens

16. Chalkboard labels

I love using chalkboard labels to organize my dry goods containers in the pantry.

Best registry items for entertaining

gold silverware

17. Pretty silverware

I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted gold silverware! I read so many reviews to find a set that was stylish, dishwasher safe, and would photograph well.

gold placemat

18. Elegant placemats

I fell in love with these placemats years ago at a boutique. Then I found an affordable version on Amazon! It’s one of my favorite wedding registry ideas when you have everything.

stainless steel bartending spoons

19. Bartender mixing spoons

I recently took a cocktail-making glass, where I learned these bartender mixing spoons are pretty essential for a home bar.

whiskey glass

20. Whiskey glasses

Yes, I’m a gal who drinks whiskey and scotch! My husband and I enjoyed using these whiskey glasses during our staycation honeymoon.

rocks glasses

21. Rocks glasses

One of our favorite drinks is the gin and tonic, and these rocks glasses make drinking it so elegant!

Best registry items for the home

silver fan

22. Stylish fan

This Dyson fan was a wish list item that Lawrence and I wanted but didn’t want to buy for ourselves. And now it’s one of our favorite things in our home. It does an amazing job of cooling, it’s fashionable, and it saved the day during our super-hot virtual wedding. More on that later!

pink pillowcase

23. Satin pillowcases

These satin pillowcases are supposed to be great for your skin and hair!

white air purifier

24. Air purifier

We’re big white noise fans and have pretty bad allergies. So we have an air purifier in every room of the home. This one is pretty and fairly quiet.

blue lotion dispenser

25. Lotion dispenser

You may already have a soap dispenser, but do you have a lotion dispenser? I think this one is so pretty.

red Christmas stockings with characters

26. Christmas stockings

Even though we’re Jewish, I love exchanging Christmas stockings. I had to register for these so we’d have a set for our entire family (us and our two cats).

black toolbox

27. Toolbox

We already have a toolbox for our tools, but I wanted one to organize my paints and brushes.

Best registry items for cleaning

gold and white steam mop

28. Steam mop

I know it may not seem super exciting to buy someone a mop. But let me tell you: We were hoping someone would buy this steam mop and our vacuum cleaner for us!

purple and silver vacuum

29. Cordless vacuum

This Dyson pet vacuum was my No. 1 wish list item. It’s pricey, but you can allow group gifting so several friends can go in on it together.

Best registry items for travel

white espresso maker

30. Travel espresso maker

Yes, I’m a coffee snob. But no, I don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on espressos and Americanos while on a roadtrip! Enter this amazingly small espresso maker. You can also register for a carry bag and espresso pod case.

blue travel blanket

31. Travel blanket

I’m a bit of a germophobe and think it’s a great idea to BYOB (bring your own travel blanket) on a plane. Plus, it doubles as a pillow. I registered for an extra-long version, as well for my 6’3″ husband.

blue and black patterned shoe bags

32. Shoe bags

I’m obviously wishfully thinking about future travel. These shoe bags will help me pack efficiently!

Bride opening up bridal gifts

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I’d love to hear from you! What are your wedding registry favorites? What would you add to this list of wedding registry ideas when you have everything?

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