What are the Top Low-Sugar Wines?

Wondering about the best low-sugar wine? Read on to find out about the wine with least sugar so you can sip smartly!

Curious about carbohydrates in wine and looking for wine with the least sugar? You’re in luck! Read on to find out what wine has the least sugar. I can give you a hint: It’s definitely not those dessert wines you’ve been eyeing.

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What Wine Has the Least Sugar?

You’ve probably heard about the potential health benefits of red wine and its possible link with fewer heart attacks.

But even if having a glass of vino–looking at you, pinot noir!–could help your heart, not all aspects of this fruity alcoholic beverage are extremely good for you. One example: its sugar content–and by default, calorie content. 

Yup, I’m talking about the ingredient that makes wine so easy to wash down. But you don’t have to tip the blood sugar table with every glass you sip on. So what wine has the least sugar?

I’m guiding you through the world of wine, showing you which ingredients and keywords indicate a lower-sugar (and often lower-calorie) wine. 

Debating between having a small low-sugar dessert or a naturally sweet glass of wine? Believe it or not, but you can have both! In my Food Network article, I explain how to shop for low-sugar wine and what wine has the least grams of sugar.

If you’re looking for speed answers, here are some of the top naturally lower sugar levels:

Grab all the need-to-know info, plus the keywords you should look out for on a wine label to snag your very own lower-sugar-content bottle of vino.

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Are Sulfites Bad for Your Health?

Even if you’re opting for one of the low-sugar varieties of your favorite extra brut sparkling wine, you might be wondering if wine is harmful to your health in other ways.

In my SONIMA article, I’m taking out some of the guesswork and giving you the lowdown on sulfites, aka sulfur-based compounds found in many wines that can cause adverse reactions in certain people. They can occur in any type of wine–from extra dry white wine to sweet wine.

Head on over to my article to learn about the health effects of sulfites and how you can test your own sensitivity so you can keep enjoying your go-to glass.

This blog post was updated in October 2020.


I’d love to hear from you! Let me know if you try a low-sugar wine!

Wondering about the best low-sugar wine? Read on to find out about the wine with least sugar so you can sip smartly!
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