A Bunch of Flower Girl Proposal Ideas

When it comes to flower girl proposal ideas, here are ideas to ask the “will you be our flower girl?” question.

Flower girl proposal gift box

I had a pretty easy time putting together my maid of honor box and even my fiance’s groomsmen proposal ideas.

But when it came time to collect flower girl asking gifts, I kind of drew a blank on will-you-be-my-flower-girl ideas.

So I just started shopping. I bought a few things around the time of our engagement party on a budget, and I kept collecting items until I had enough flower girl proposal ideas and had three perfect will-you-be-our-flower-girl baskets created.

Read on to see what I think are pretty awesome flower girl present ideas! Get ideas for a flower girl proposal card, a will-you-be-my flower girl book, and other flower girl box ideas.

Adding flower girls to the bridal party

When it comes to wedding planning and choosing the wedding party, asking your flower girls to be on petal patrol may be one of your last proposals.

Of our three nieces, only the oldest, Julialyn, really understands the concept of being a flower girl.

Julialyn was so excited to receive her flower girl book!
Julialyn was so excited to receive her flower girl book!

But even so, we hope that the experience of being a party of their Uncle Larry (only Lawrence’s family gets away with calling him this!) and Aunt Mimi’s (my nickname given to me by Julialyn when she couldn’t pronounce “Amy”) wedding will stick with them forever.

So we wanted to start off this experience by making the official big day ask super fun and extra special for them!

I am a flower girl book sitting in a gift basket

Staying on budget

As a bride to be, I’m very budget minded. So I’m sharing how I created these DIY would-you-be-our-flower-girl baskets for less than $15 each.

If I can stay within my budget, so can you!

Flower Girl Proposal Ideas - Listicle

What to put in a flower girl proposal gift


I started off thinking I’d make the girls boxes, like the ones we were presenting to our bridesmaids and groomsmen.

But the sticker books I bought were too large to fit into the photo boxes. So baskets it was! and these ended up looking even cuter than I’d imagined.

I purchased simple baskets from a local craft store. The day I bought them, they were half off! I also really like this handwoven basket, as well as this wire basket.

I’m a Flower Girl! Sticker and Coloring Books

These were the first item I bought. I found the books on Amazon, and the girls loved them. Immediately after they opened their proposal gifts, they started coloring. 

Whenever we visit the girls, we bring them stickers, and so I love that these books contain pages of stickers. 

Disney stickers

During my trip to Dollar Tree for our engagement party favors, I took a look around the store for items to put into the flower girl proposal baskets.

I found some really cute items, including Disney princess stickers. You can also find similar sticker packs on Amazon, such as these and these.

a basket filled with goodies

Frozen crayons

For years, the girls have received Frozen-inspired birthday and Christmas gifts. Suffice it to say they really love the movie, as well as Frozen 2 now that it’s out!

Each flower girl got a pack of Frozen crayons in her basket. Hint: The Dollar Tree also sells a version! I got the older girls regular-sized crayons and our youngest niece, Hannah, jumbo-sized crayons.

Crayola Bath Bombs

Going along with the theme of coloring, I added a Crayola bath bomb to each girl’s basket. I mean, how much fun is a colored bathtub?

Stuffed animal

Because Hannah is a young girl, she Hannah got a stuffed animal in her basket. We wanted to give her something special since many of the gifts that the older girls received weren’t age appropriate for her.

I put these baskets together around Easter time, so a stuffed bunny made sense over a will you be my flower girl bear. But the traditional teddy bear or stuffed puppy make great additions to a flower girl proposal box, too.

Jelly bracelets

Some of my favorite childhood memories have to do with jelly bracelets. My sister and I had a favorite babysitter who would put together scavenger hunts around the house for us.

The prizes were often a set of jelly bracelets. So I had to add jelly bracelets to these will-you-be-my-flower-girl gifts.

Tie-the-Knot Bracelets

We wanted to make Julialyn feel very special, because she’ll likely have the best memory of being a flower girl.

So we got her a “tie the knot” bracelet with a “J” initial, like the ones we got our maid of honor, bridesmaids, and groomswoman. These bracelets are so pretty and come in silver, gold, and rose gold.

Unicorn art

I’d purchased unicorn art sets from Dollar Tree, which are unfortunately no longer in stock. But I think this unicorn mold-and-paint kit is adorable, as is this unicorn stained glass kit!

Ring Pops, Hershey’s Kisses, and Hershey’s Hugs

We wanted the girls to have a little sweet treat but nothing crazy. So when I was putting together our engagement favors, I made a few extra bags to put into the baskets. The especially loved the Ring Pops. Hello, candy!

We proposed to my sister-in-law, Sara, on the same day that the flower girls got their proposal baskets.
We proposed to my sister-in-law, Sara, on the same day that the flower girls got their proposal baskets.

More gift ideas

I added a little will-you-be-our-flower-girl card to each basket, which I attached with ribbon. Each of my nieces really liked their will-you-be-our-flower-girl gifts. Next up will be shopping for the flower girl dress for the wedding day!

If you need additional will-you-be-my-flower-girl gift ideas, here you go!

More proposal Tips

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When it comes to flower girl proposal ideas, choosing gifts to ask the "will you be our flower girl?" question can be challenging! That's why I put together these ideas on how to ask a flower girl.

I’d love to hear from you! What did you put or receive in a will you be our flower girl gift? Do you have any additional gift ideas I should add to this list of flower girl proposal ideas? 

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